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Previous Work

Achieving Goals


  • Managed private land use development application process on behalf of clients including Lexus of Memphis, Century Express, City of Memphis, Century Express, Ace Hardware, representing client projects at various staff, board, and commission meetings.

  • Developed an economic development strategy and execution plan for the Village of Lindenhurst.

  • Developing a master plan and redevelopment strategy for the City of Sartell.

  • Provide Economic Development services to the Village of Lindenhurst, IL.

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  • Created a standardized decision-making process for officials to evaluate the pros and cons of planned development ordinances, eliminating the “politics” of the approval process for the Town of Collierville.

  • Led the City of Sartell planning department through various ordinance development processes, including a new wetland protection ordinance, comprehensive updates, numerous contentious annexation negotiations, and various developments with legal and regulatory challenges. Coordinated and administered strategies for retention and investment of small businesses, housing, and industry in alignment with the City’s comprehensive plan

  • Wrote transportation, economic development, and park / open space grant applications for the City of Sartell totaling more than $7 million

Public Affairs

  • Created a leadership profiling and assessment process in the hiring of a Police Chief, two Battalion Chiefs, Human Resource Director, Development Director and the Town Administrator for the Town of Collierville.

  • Developed marketing and public relations materials for the selection of potential MALP candidates for the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, resulting in a broad selection of applicants.

  • Managed, investigated, analyzed, and published land use and development stories in the Atlanta Metro by reviewing technical reports and interviews.

  • Initiated Sartell's development, mentorship, evaluation, and refinement of planning and building department and programs and policies to meet organizational goals. Grew planning department to include city planner, building official, building inspector, fire inspector, code technician, and various other consultants and civil engineers.

  • Streamlined site plan processes in the City of Sartell to increase ease of development, resulting in millions of square feet of commercial, industrial, and multi-family development

  • Served as a subject matter expert in the creation of graduate-level online public administration program at Cambridge College.

  • Monitored and summarized legislative initiatives and measures on behalf of clients.

  • Created and administered the City of Sartell's strategic public relations and marketing communication plan incorporating various publications, public outreach materials, and marketing materials, ensuring focus for maximum marketing clarity.

  • Improved awareness and generated thousands of comments on the comprehensive plan through virtual open houses.



  • ​Developed a leadership academy for the Town of Collierville employees at all levels to reinforce town values, exemplify leadership, increase credibility, provide mentorship, enhance communication skills, and provide employees with tools to identify opportunities to optimize operations and roles.

  • Built relationships with individuals and organizations through my work as an instructor of for Government Training Services and as an adjunct instructor public policy, public administration, providing stakeholders with the tools necessary to make progressive change.

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